Frequently Asked Questions

The questions recipients are asking most often.

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Are the refurbished hearing aids hygienic?

Yes. The part of the device that sits behind the ear has been cleaned with antiseptic solution, and the part that goes into the ear has been replaced with a brand new component.

Do I have to pay for anything?

You might have to pay for the cost of replacing the components of the device that go into your ear ($10-$125), although oftentimes the manufacturer will replace the components for free. Your clinician will let you know ahead of time if this payment will be necessary.

You will also need to pay for the batteries that power the hearing aid. We have checked the device to make sure it works, but any repairs that are needed later on will be your responsibility.

The clinician providing you with the refurbished device is donating their time and expertise. The initial appointment and 3 follow up visits will be free, but after the 3rd follow up visit, $50 may be charged per appointment.

Are there any warranties or quality guarantees on the devices?

No. The devices are used and we cannot guarantee how long they will last or how well they will work. They have been screened, however, to ensure that they work at the time you receive them.

Are there any alternatives to the program?

Yes. Check here to see if you qualify for subsidies for new hearing aids, or ask a clinician at a hearing clinic. There are subsidies available from government agencies or charities for people who meet certain criteria. You could also consider purchasing a low cost hearing aid which range from $400-$800. Inquire at a hearing clinic for more information.

Why do I have to wait for my appointment?

Appointment times are limited by the availability of donated aids and volunteer clinician time.

Do I have to prove that I am “low income?”


Have a question not answered here? Contact us with your question.