For Clinicians

Thank you for your interest in the Hear4U Foundation!

Our goal is to increase access to hearing health care by improving awareness of hearing aid subsidies and organizing a provincial hearing aid refurbishment program.

The refurbishment program relies on volunteer audiologists and hearing instrument providers who generously donate their time and expertise. We hope to recruit as many volunteers as possible to maximize the number of donations while minimizing the workload of individual clinicians.

Hear4U consists of a network of volunteer audiologists and hearing instrument providers from clinics across British Columbia . Members of the public who want to donate their old devices drop them off in Hear4U donation boxes located in the participating clinics. Only functioning behind the ear or receiver in the canal devices are accepted since they can be inexpensively adapted to new users. Other devices are discarded. After the devices are dropped into donation boxes, volunteer clinicians test them for functionality, clean them, replace the domes and receivers with new ones, and store them in their clinic. Clients who are interested in receiving a refurbished aid will call the office to arrange an appointment. Clinicians may ask them to review a list of responses to frequently asked questions about the benefits and limitations of the program. They are then assessed as per standard of care practices and offered a hearing aid if an appropriate device is available in the clinic. We expect that each volunteer clinician will assess at least one Hear4U client per month, which equates to 600 devices per year across British Columbia if 50 clinicians participate.

The Hear4U Foundation is a non-profit, commercially unaffiliated organization based in British Columbia. We will market the program and the volunteer clinicians to the general public, promote hearing health care, maintain a website for the program and provide organizational support for the network of Hear4U clinician volunteers.

Please browse the attached materials and frequently asked questions that describe the program in greater detail. If you are interested in joining the Hear4U team as a volunteer clinician, please contact us directly at

Yours truly,

Paul Mick, M.D., M.P.H., F.R.C.S.C. (Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery)
President, Hear4U Foundation
Kelowna, B.C.