Colin VanBergen

Kelowna, B.C.

1. Why did you become an audiologist?

Entering university I knew I wanted career that would make a “real” difference in peoples’ lives. While my original intent was to continue on with graduate studies in the area of clinical psychology I quickly realized that my strengths and interests lay more in the sciences than in the humanities. In looking at various career options I came across the field of audiology which immediately grabbed my attention. Audiology allows me to make an immediate and significant impact on people’s lives, allows me to develop long-term and meaningful relationships with my clientele, and because hearing aid technology is constantly improving and evolving I never grow bored with what I do.

2. How long have you been running a hearing aid recycling program?

I started this program in the summer of 2013.

3. What has the feedback been like?

It has been phenomenal. I have had the privilege of providing over 50 hearing aids to hearing impaired people who would have simply gone without adequate hearing. I’ve had people respond with tears, big smiles, and with big bear hugs. Most people cannot believe that they are able to be helped despite their financial situation.

4. Why did you join Hear4U?

Prior to running a hearing aid recycling program I had grown increasingly frustrated with my inability to help the hearing impaired population who could not afford hearing aids. It would pain me to see a client leave my office without hearing aids simply because the hearing aids were unaffordable. In realizing that I was in the unique position to make a difference in these individuals’ lives I decided to collect donated hearing aids and to donate my time to help these people with their hearing.